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Sometimes I make sites or virtual tours and point some links to URLs that at this time not exists or may be changes in future. Unfortunatly I can edit some of this sites because I have not access or access very difficult. In that case I use this service and make intermediate links that I can edit any time very easy.

How match?


How it works?

Our web-server analyze query from user's browser and search real link for parameters of this query. After this we redirect user's browser to another site.


http://redirect.aapsoftware.ru/link.php?id=1&name=google - points to Google.com
http://redirect.aapsoftware.ru/link.php?id=1&name=microsoft - points to Microsof.com
http://redirect.aapsoftware.ru/link.php?id=1&name=aap - points to www.aapsoftware.ru

Additional property

May be you do not have static IP address but you have web-server installed on your PC. In this case you can try additional property of redirect service. For example, publish some link to your web site
In the links add new line:
[YourWebSiteName] http://<my_ip>
Save information and try open previous link in web-browser. After reboot or changing dynamic IP login at system and link will be work again.

I am ready!

First you must register. No names, no birthdays only E-mail and password for this service. After press button [Register] we send you e-mail with link that you must open. Ok, registration successfull. Now edit text with samples and press [Save] button. Now you can publish intermediate links.

Good luck!

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